NBA 2K18 Features Wishlist

NBA Basketball Video game series have been a great success among the audience. To its fans NBA 2K17 has been the most amazing Basket Ball game so far. But certainly there is always room for some improvement that is when while playing the 2017 series some very unique ideas came across the minds of the players that can be integrated into the game and take its user experience to an all new level. The 2017 surely missed some exciting features that can be put in the upcoming 2018 series to make it the most remarkable game series ever for NBA.

NBA 2K18 Features Wishlist

So, let us have a look on the feature list that fans always wanted in NBA 2K18 to come with:

NBA 2K18 Features Wishlist:


In NBA 2K18, the career mode should allow the players to have an online season with MY PLAYERS, to see which players would be good to bring the team all to the top. My Career can be way better if we get to start from High school and then to College opting for the ‘ road to glory ‘ option, something realistic as in NCAA Games. And for regular season, playoffs and Finals, you can actually let physical players play rather than making a tight defense or making cut scenes in the Game.


The story, plot and nickname for Players were pretty much a compulsion in 2K16 mode, that was not much appreciated by the audience. Let the NBA 2K18 series come up with certain options that allow the Players to choose the story, ethnicity race, voice and name themselves. Even the cut scenes should be based on player’s choice to make their involvement with the game much more real. For example, the game can have different voices for players from France, Spain, America and so. This option of customization would make the game real fun. To add more to it, we can even have face recognition feature with vast options like accurate skin tone, Body scan to make a perfect build up for NB players as per their size.


The players can be given some startling options to begin with, for example they can choose Strength, speed, agility, accuracy as their own best features, or to be more specific and precise they can even be given options like-hustle, hands verticals, IQ as their features. And based on the ranking of these perks the players can be categorized as per their attributes. So, these things would differentiate players not based on their size but on their Play style and qualities. These attributes would decide how good a player, the gamer is.


For that the setting of the Game needs to be tampered, to make it clear when actual fouls are made and to ignore slight bumps from being counted as fouls. And this should even be based on the teams you are playing against. Some teams surely make more fouls than others. One more thing, players have had enough of this VC coin stuff, let us just bring this real money feature into the Game. Introduce different currencies- US Dollar, Euros, Pesos, etc. based on the location of the player. The player should be earning money as an actual NBA player does. Based on the customization you made, the brand value of the players can range from $30-$500 to make their marketing realistic.


It is very easy to block dunks and lay ups but that should not be the case. The game should be such that only a Player with Gold and bronze get to block the dunks. The defense of the online play also needs to be modified, the ball should float and bounce faster and make it difficult for the player to get a catch. More air collisions and jump shots should occur increasing the foul rate that will make game much more exciting. For less experienced players there should be that D- League, where the players could be sent so they could improve to become an all round better player.

So, over all speaking, the game is amazing in it, and since nothing can be perfected and the developers cannot of course satisfy everyone so all of these suggestions can not be worked upon.

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