NBA 2K18 My Career Mode Wishlist Features

NBA 2K18 will be out next year and audience is willingly waiting for the latest update. The Game of course like every year will bring surprise for the audience in the form of new features and changes. Yet fans have certain expectations from the My Career update that if fulfilled will make it even more fun. The very favorite of every one – MY CAREER MODE is what we are talking about. The fans want so many new installations into it that we are going to talk about.

NBA 2K18 MyCareer Mode Wishlist

NBA 2K18 MyCareer Mechanics Wishlist:

Character Information And Features – The character we choose will function as per its basic features like height, weight, wingspan etc. for example, the player with a short height will be much more quicker than its taller opponent, also the one with a light weight is easily overthrown and against a powerful competition. These mechanics were missing in NBA 2K17 and if improved will take the Game to a new level of fun.

Archetypes – This is something really cool and fun. This will allow every individual to make a new and exclusive identity. With the help of archetypes we will put talents in the players, these talents be like specific traits assigned to your player.

For example – Be it any player, he can be assigned some standard potential traits that gives him exclusivity against other players.

Mid Shooting 60/75
3pt Shooting 50/75
Driving Dunk 30/40
Handles 65/75
Strength 30/55
Speed 75/85
Acceleration 75/85

These attributes with specific players will make them stand out of the crowd and perform better.

Customizable Attributes – The players can chose to improve some of their functioning attributes to perform better.

For example transform their body type to RIPPED, increase their strength both current and potential by 20 points, increases the speed potential by 5 points and decrease the acceleration potential by 5 points with enhancing the ball handling by 10 on current and 20 on potential.

Intimidator – This player is set for guarding on and works against the opponent by bothering or distracting the one on his way. This reduces their offensive stats by 5% and once the opponent got cold under his defense it will increases to 15% but as a result of your relentless defense, referee will increase the tendency of foul, not only this but also this will reduce offensive stats of guarded opponent by 5%, increase to 15% while opponent suffer under cold streak. This will benefit you by increasing foul tendency against your player.

Shooter – These players are there to make the shooting even more difficult and amusing. They once get hot can shot even at very defense and once cold down cannot be picked up again. With time they gain expertise in the same and become very efficient in their task.

These players have special attributes like increased mid and 3pt shooting by 10 on current and 20 on potential and decreased close shot and driving layup/dunk by 5 on potential.

While under the hot streak they are 30% more active, on the other hand under the cold streak they have 30% less chances to recover.

Relentless Attacker – This player is set for attacking the basket and he do it in the best manner, due to their aggressive nature they tend to make tough shot on contact around the basket than most player, heavier player with this talent tend to make even more tough shot whereas lighter player with this talent will able to draw more foul on contact. To make their talent even more applicable in other playing arenas too, the players need to focus on other things like-increase the close shot and driving layup/dunk by 10 on current and 20 on potential and decrease the mid and 3pt shooting by 10 on potential.

Enthusiast Players – These players are into the Game with some very amazing features among which athleticism is at the finest. They have high stamina and have high speed and acceleration as well. They easily regain their energy form a small time out or break. These players yet suffer on the reasons of their aggressiveness because they function as per their instincts rather than behaving practically. These players have special attributes like increased speed and acceleration up to 10 on current and 20 on potential and the capacity to retain 35% stamina with just a break.

Fundamentals – This player excel on the very basic of basketball, the fundamentals. Driving, Shooting, Passing, Defending and their best talent is they behave in the most appropriate manner with pragmatic approach. But of course due to their rationality they tend to become slower and commit certain mistakes. These players need to focus on their  layup, dunk, close, mid, 3pt, passing, steal and block by 5 on potential and increase their ball security by 10 on both current and potential or decrease the speed by 5 on potential and acceleration by 10 on potential.

As for the final and top most position we can have the best statistics like

Mid Shooting 60/75
3pt Shooting 50/75
Driving Dunk 30/40
Handles 75/95
Strength 50/75
Speed 75/85
Acceleration 75/80

Few More NBA 2K18 MyCareer Mode Wishlist:

  1. Modify the player’s powers to opt for Archtypes – Currently, players get to select the archtypes of their choice. What if the players are provided with the option to be able to choose between retired superstars in their prime and get their stats and more or less their physical stats? It indeed would turn out to be a smart decision which will make the gaming experience better.
  2. Get back to High school – talking about perks, gamers really want to earn more of them for that matter, with each perks should be attached a number of bonus perks. Taking one for an instance, rough riders should offer a driving layup and dunk boost along with it, or a shooting boost along with a sun beach etc.
  3. Specialist for the Archetypes – A secondary specialist tier should be added to archetypes with a lower cap. This would give the players the power to create more than just the role players. With this option the players can go for whatever creation they want. All they would need will be to make a choice between handles or shooting and so. They can also have secondary skills like glass cleaners, 3pt shooting or playmaking abilities, post defense or post scoring powers etc.
  4. Gamers also want improvement with this Post-Game Interview thing. Their number should be increased. Also, some would like to welcome The Legends back into the game.
  5. Separate My Career Player – This is something going to be strange but yes gamers want to separate online character from their My Career player. This could be somewhat similar to online games where the better we play the more points our player earns.
  6. All and all different draft – The players should start their career with college only and afterwards they get choice to participate in additional summer leagues. Through this they get to debut in cut scenes. Further they could be brought to MyCourt, with high number of stats. This would make game more fun and interesting.
  7. Split in My Career and My Park – We all know that NBA 2k18 would be more focused on role playing but a split would be much more liked. It would be better to get rewards for playing a park or Prom rather than futile jumps and rookies.
  8. Provision for High school recruit – Begin with Wiggins/KAT rookie year level – high 70s OVR, along with multiple archetypes to choose from.

These are all ideas that we have come across regarding the MY CAREER MODE till now. Yet all of these are not easy to apply and work on but still this can be brought into the notice of the developers and they can see what they can work and what not. Share your ideas in comment below.

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