NBA 2K18 Release Date And Features Wishlist

Did you play NBA 2K17? It had everything and the best part 2K did its best efforts to added new features. It has the best presentation and visuals, gameplay and good amount of content to keep the payer engage with it.

NBA 2K18 Release Date

But, here we are talking about next version NBA 2K18 release date and it’s features wishlist of the game. We already shared one wishlist here. Also received fans wishlist in comment.

So, let us have a look on some features that would make NBA 2K18 better than before:

NBA 2K18 Features Wishlist:

Create the Player: The players spend a lot of time in creating and modifying the player. Instead for that the Game should come with a quick button that would allow us to automatically create a player and save our fifteen minutes initially. A potential bar for the Players can also be worked out where a young player can develop into a champ based on his Game play only and additional tattoos and Body Features can also be worked out for this mode.

Classic Teams: Fans always have had a great experience with Classic Teams so why not the Game comes up with some more options in the same to appease the fans. To add more to it we can even get the court expanded like one v one, two v one, three v two or five v one etc this will add fun element to the Game. The fans for this should be provided to choose the challenge as per their discretion.

Customized Location: We can also get an option to move to a city of our choice where we can get the Badges, uniform and colors of our team done accordingly. It sometimes becomes very difficult for a new player to begin with the Game, what if we get a basics tutorial for the beginners to help them play with the tools easily.

Online Game mode: EA has worked on an online version but that is not satisfactory we want drafts and full agency all available for online mode to make it more realistic and tempting. Also, to give it that authentic touch we can use real money into the game.

Interviews: Pre Game Interviews would be such an amazing thing to experience, because it would give the players a chance to acquaint themselves with a story or news about the squad and upcoming news about the player. Similarly, Post Game Interviews would let us feel the enthusiasm of the Players and their thrill about their performance. Apart from Interviews what else can be added to give that realistic touch is the rough conversation between the Players for that to implement new animations should be worked out.

Fun with Editing: The players can be given an option of customizing the teams jerseys make it loose or tight and also to select the mode and era we want to play in for example the choice to select from 60s, 70s or early 2000. The developers can also play around with some tools and make certain changes that makes us involved and more engrossed into the game captured with animations. We should also be allowed to choose your agent, more high schools, better story, more chances to talk, and no more hands through body.

Game mode Editing: We can have standard Basketball rims for teams from 60s and 70s and also original arena for every home court. Also, there can be a provision for skill challenge and celebrity teams to play around with different experience.

Animation: Animation should be worked out into a way that we can put old rims into the game so that if someone hits a great shot they bring the entire basketball goal down. Also the players can be exposed to open world experience allowing them to buy mansions, fashion and vehicles plus drive to and from practice training facilities or maybe even games and house with beautiful graphics.

My Career Online: The Career mode can be made available for online game play which allows the players to play against friends and other XBOX live players; they can have MVP and Championships against them. Also for this players can be allowed to choose the story line themselves either they can select to jump straight into pros or spend 4 years in college.

Accessories: The use of accessories can be increased a bit; the players can be allowed to wear compression pants without pre-ordering them before the game. Realistic GMS, smarter CPU and Ai can also work favorably for this feature also add sports center and NBA TV and TNT basketball TV.

NBA 2K18 Release Date:

To predict NBA 2K18 release date is very easy as 2K releases new game in end of September month every year. So one can easily expect the game to release in September 2017. The game should be already in development and hopefully it will come with some crucial modifications that can take the game to a new level of success.

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